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The company

The AREL ™ brand is recognized as a reference in the market of mechanical and electromechanical interlocks

The company, born in 1965, has over 50 years of experience in the market of handles, locks and mechanical interlocking systems production for MT/AT electric implants. The lock brand AREL™ is largely recognized as the setting reference of mechanical and electromechanical interlocks. Quality and flexibility in the production of personalized solutions are strength points that gave us the opportunity to occupy a significant, and constantly growing, place in the market.

Project of 1982, made in Venezuela. Arel interlocks are included in the design specification.

Frigo Tullio has founded NEW AREL Srl in April 2013 as a natural evolution of a multiannial leadership. Such leadership was already established by the AREL™ brand, reference point in the design of interlock systems. New Arel, following the know-how mastered during the course of years, today can count on the professionalism of its highly qualified collaborators. From designers to technicians, from testers to operators, the company operates with competence and expertise with the objective to guarantee systems capable of preventing accidents caused by human errors. We are qualified as suppliers of the main producers of plants for the production and the distribution of electric energy and of the rail sector.

Project of 1985, made for Enel. Arel is again specifically requested in the safety specification.