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The typical critical aspect encountered by Arel during the course of its long story of design concerns the lack of a clear and broad safety procedure during maintenance. Often such procedures are characterised by “application holes” in the sequence of activities, leaving the responsibility of decisions to the conscientiousness of the worker and compromising the effectiveness of the interlocking systems.

Arel, in order to meet the demands of its customers during the development of safety procedures during maintenance, provides a service of counselling which:

Analyses the technical system of the customer, the physical layout and the work processes, both on paper and with inspections.

Rationalises the elements of risk identified by the customer.

Supports the costumer in the definition of the safety procedure of the maintenance activity.

Designs the logic flux of the safety procedure, identifying the elements of interlocking and their collocation in the customer’s technical system.

Identifies the technical specifics of the interlocks which better suit the customer ‘s technical system.